Canine Cities

Official site +65 9846 1107

210 Punggol Pl, Singapore 823210

School of Training ” Canine Cities ” offers a full range of canine services, from selecting a puppy to preparing your dog for international competitions. This professional training school originated many years ago. Throughout its existence, the cynological school has continually grown and developed in all areas of cynology. At the moment, they are the largest dog training organization in Singapore. They provide classes in all types of training for puppies and adult dogs. The general training course includes all the necessary basic level skills and, if desired, some of the more difficult to learn commands and abilities. Training of German and Eastern European Shepherds doesn’t usually take long if you have an experienced specialist, but the duration of the protective and guarding training depends on the peculiarities of the dog itself. Both individual lessons with your dog as well as specially equipped training facilities are at your service.

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