Fitness promotes a healthy body image and strong self esteem. With many studios offering different classes, there is an opportunity for everyone to find what will work best for them. Classes such as Zumba and Yoga promote weight loss through cardio workouts while Bollywood dance offers high energy movement which can help with toning muscles. Fitness provides the chance to make friends in Ulu Pandan. Many of these fitness groups offer more than just exercise! They also provide community support and friendships that may last far beyond their time spent working out together at the gym or studio they attend regularly. A great way to meet new people who share similar interests outside of your neighborhood too! Fitness has been proven to help reduce stress levels significantly! Being surrounded by other people in your community who are also busy professionals can be incredibly uplifting. Fitness increases energy and concentration. Many studios offer classes that take place right before work or school, so you’ll have time to shower at the gym before heading out for another day of activities. It gives a great boost in energy which can make it easier to focus on your goals all day long! This is especially helpful if you need an extra kick in productivity during those afternoon slumps.

Fitness Corner

Fitness Corner

340/343 Clementi Ave 5, Singapore 120343


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