San Tee Towing & TPT Services

+65 6753 8276

1019 Yishun Industrial Park A, #01-388, Singapore 768761

A vehicle breakdown can be so serious that a tow truck will need to be called. You can’t call any towing device a tow truck, because it’s a special piece of equipment designed to remove any vehicle in an inoperable condition to a place of storage or repair. Trying to remove your property by your own handiwork may be very dangerous, especially if the car is in a difficult place, for example in a ditch or a shallow pond. Today’s tow truck in Singapore is a sought-after technique because it’s very difficult to solve such a problem on your own in a big city. Therefore, this qualified tow truck service will always come to the rescue. This company works without intermediaries and has its own fleet, which allows them to offer a competitive price.

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