Developing a web design for a commercial site requires its great functionality. This means that all elements of design in the first place should solve the problem of providing sales of goods or services. Designers of the best Singaporean companies are very responsive to the development of web design of a commercial website to make bright, memorable and interesting design products.

Web Site Design – is the design of the content, the totality of all the graphical elements on a web page. Previously, web design meant only the visual design, but now at the forefront of user-friendliness, so the task of web-designers added analytics and good structuring of the information on the site.

The main task of design – to acquaint the user with the page. He facilitates the interaction of the user with the Web page, which means a positive impact on conversion rates and behavioral factors. Thoughtful design creates the right impression of the company. The site is a marketing tool and representation of the company on the Internet. The client who has got on a page, should easily and quickly find the necessary information, otherwise he will simply leave for competitors.

Functional Design Is Designed to Solve Business Problems

Functional design is designed to solve primarily applied problems. This is especially important for commercial sites, as their purpose – to sell, not to entertain users. In this regard, the development of web design for business sites excludes too creative models. Very well when the concept is carefully thought out and schematically portrayed on paper or a simple graphic editor. In this case you can simultaneously work on individual blocks. Then immediately it becomes clear – what is most important and what must be emphasized.

When It Comes to The Website, Functionality and Simplicity Are Related Concepts

Functionality ensures greater reliability, because each module of the website performs only one function with minimal impact on the remaining modules of the resource. A functionally designed design will be easier to change in the future, as each part is responsible only for what it is intended for.

A large number of successful updates in support of the site is responsible -for more than 70% of the life of the success of the system. Functionality is simplicity and becomes a decisive advantage. As it makes the whole system easy to understand and change. The uptime of a functional website is much longer. Another important advantage of functionality is that it is easier to implement, and therefore less expensive to design and implement.

Web design – a young industry, actively developing and closely linked to programming. Clear, correct, and usable visual presentation of information for the user – this is half the battle. Formation of structure and markup – an important point in the work of the designer. So only in our ranking of the best firms, you can choose the most suitable web design company for yourself.


Virtual Electronics

1 Raffles Place, #20-61 Tower 2, Singapore 048616

The company is thoroughly developing applications for private entrepreneurs and not only. The application makes it possible to choose the necessary goods, see which of the vending machines nearby has all positions at once, book them, pay for the purchase, and then get it by simply showing a QR code to the machine. The specialists also render the whole range of services on the creation of applications and sites, from drawing icons to creating a full-fledged Internet shop.

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The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place, #09-01 Singapore 369546

The SEO Web Designer

#10-424 Bedok S Rd, Block 163, Singapore 460163

For many years of fruitful work IT company specialists have implemented more than 200 projects of different complexity, from simple business sites to complex web systems. Most of all they have experience in the following areas. We make beautiful adaptive design, program non-standard modules, and provide marketing and technical support for an online store of any size.

D&S Solutions Pte Ltd

11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #02-96 North Spring, Bizhub, Singapore 768089

This is a full-service studio, which means that the company’s IT specialists are able to solve almost any task related to web development. They know the specifics of such institutions and have their own experience in organizing various business processes: from technical support for association members to organizing complex events online.

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