A dedicated server is a separate physical server located in the provider’s data center. In contrast to virtual hosting and VDS, all of the server capacity belongs to the tenant without restrictions due to the absence of “neighbors”. This type of hosting is designed for:

  • the most loaded sites: very large online stores or news resources with a daily attendance of more than 20 000 people;
  • Internet services: gaming sites, online broadcasting in real-time (video stream) storage of large files, online movie theaters, etc

Important: Much depends on the chosen server configuration. A “weak” server can lose to average and VIP VDS rates. You can maintain your server by yourself via SSH connection or with the help of your provider’s technical support for a fee.


1. Dedicated IP-address

Each dedicated server has its own IP address, unlike cheap VPS plans, where some providers use proxying technology. Most often, for an additional fee you can get a separate IP on a VPS as well. The server can be allocated one IP address or several at once. If you are going to use virtualization on a server, you may need more than one.

2. Choice of operating system and control panel

According to your choice, you can install on your server:
Windows Server operating system or any of the Linux variants;
Any control panels.

You install the operating system and the control panel on the dedicated server and VPS by yourself, in contrast to the virtual hosting.

3. Remote access

If there is a need for emergency system recovery, you may need to access the server remotely.

4. Using all the resources of the server

In contrast to the VPS, part of the server resources are not spent on virtualization, so the dedicated server wins in speed.

Unlike the peer-to-peer model, a network with a dedicated server usually requires only one password to access the network itself, which reduces the number of passwords the user has to remember. In addition, network resources such as files and printers are easier to find because they are located on a specific server rather than on someone else’s machine on the network. Concentrating network resources on a small number of servers also makes it easier to back up and maintain data.

Dedicated server networks scale better – compared to peer-to-peer networks. As peer networks grow in size, they slow down considerably and become unmanageable. In contrast, a dedicated server network can support anything from single users to tens of thousands of users and geographically dispersed resources. In other words, a dedicated server network can grow as the organization using it grows.

The Advantages of Networks with A Dedicated Server:

  • Providing centralized management of user accounts, security and access, which simplifies network administration;
  • the use of more powerful server hardware means more efficient access to network resources;
  • users only need to remember one password to log onto the network, allowing them to access all the resources they have rights to.



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Hosting is a service to provide resources for placing information on a server that always has access to the network. By hosting your site, you thereby give people on the Internet access to your site. Depending on the chosen tariff, the configuration of hosting changes. For small sites a small amount of RAM, but for large projects require a larger amount of memory and disk space. This hosting is offered by an IT company in Singapore.

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