Every company strives to develop and further expand its business. Having its own website in the modern world is one of the main components from which the internal “kitchen” of a business is built. It is no longer a secret that a website requires regular support through many channels to start benefiting the business. One of these channels is SEO promotion.

What Is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a type of promotion on the Internet. Unlike other channels, such as SMM or context, SEO aims to get traffic for free from search engines to the necessary site.

Total SEO is a complex of measures, which are aimed at increasing the position of a website in the search results of Google, Yandex, and other systems according to the selected requests. The purpose of such promotion is to increase the conversion and attendance of the website pages. SEO promotion itself includes internal and external optimization. Internal optimization involves a series of works related to the content, interface, usability, technical tuning, linking. External optimization involves building link mass, placing links to different resources.

The Benefits of SEO

Increases confidence in the brand

Today, many users are so tired of annoying ads that besides the irritation it does not cause anything. With SEO everything is different. Imagine if you get the answer to your question almost immediately by going to some site. And if this answer is visible on the first page of the search engine, it’s already a pledge of your confidence as a potential client of the company. Therefore, such promotion of the site allows not only to make the brand even more recognizable but also to increase customer loyalty.

Saving the result for a long period

Even if you stop making financial investments in a promotion channel such as SEO, the result on the positions will last for months or even years, as long as the site exists. What cannot be said about the other promotion channels, which, if the funding stops, the results significantly weaken.

Pleasant cost

Unlike other channels, the financial investment in SEO promotion costs the site owner is much cheaper. For example, if you compare financial investments in contextual advertising and in SEO, then the latter will be a significant advantage. A click on the contextual advertising will cost at least a few tens of rubles. In turn, a click on the search engine optimization costs a few tens of kopecks.

The possibility of increasing the reach of potential customers
The user in practice gives attention to a maximum of the first 15 sites from the issuance of the search engine. And if the site will be in high positions, then of course he has a much better chance to attract new potential customers.

Total SEO promotion – one of the important components of the modern business world, which definitely needs to be considered in the development strategy. Therefore, to quickly find the best company in Singapore, we have created an improved rating of firms that you can of course use.


Virtual Electronics

1 Raffles Place, #20-61 Tower 2, Singapore 048616

The company is thoroughly developing applications for private entrepreneurs and not only. The application makes it possible to choose the necessary goods, see which of the vending machines nearby has all positions at once, book them, pay for the purchase, and then get it by simply showing a QR code to the machine. The specialists also render the whole range of services on the creation of applications and sites, from drawing icons to creating a full-fledged Internet shop.

Platinum sponsor
Adssential Marketing

Adssential Marketing

Ark@Gambas, 7 Gambas Cres, #04-12, 757087

IT outsourcing in this IT company for the owner – specialists systematize and bring best practices into all IT processes of the company. This helps to increase productivity and reduce costs by at least 2 times compared to keeping a full-time specialist.

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Absolute Digital
Gold sponsor
Evolve & Adapt

Evolve & Adapt

7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987

Best SEO Marketing Singapore Team Members

Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd

12 Woodlands Square, #03-77 Woods Square Tower 1, 737715

A web studio doesn’t just create websites. Digitalization means creating an effective tool that makes it possible to sell goods and services on the Internet, increasing the company’s income. Unlike offline advertising, online marketing is flexible and customizable. Online advertising can be easily adapted to customer needs and the changing marketplace.

Miron Digital

Miron Digital Pte Ltd


1 Tampines North Drive 1, #06-08 T-Space, Singapore 528559

AUN Global Marketing Pte Ltd - SEO/SEM Consultancy Singapore



The work of IT companies in Singapore is a set of actions associated with the adaptation of the site to the algorithms of search engines to ensure compliance with the requests of users and obtaining potential clients. SEO essentially increases the visibility of the resource during the search in the required topics. Web-analytics systems allow you to determine the behavior of visitors, the most interesting pages for them, and to analyze the effectiveness of marketing channels.

Aii Develop Digital Solutions

Aii Develop Digital Solutions

105 Cecil St, Level 11 The Octagon, Singapore 069534

This IT company has been creating and promoting websites and advertising since the advent of the Internet in Singapore. Specialists also work with projects in trade, IT, industry, fashion, beauty, law, security, medicine, psychology, furniture, and repair. The company is in constant motion – still innovating every day.



LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139

First Wish Solutions

79 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428784

Non-trivial personalized interfaces, mobile and web applications with thoughtful
No templates, no templates, no off-the-shelf solutions. An IT company in Singapore is not about selling, it’s about ease of perception, understanding and intuitiveness. All their products communicate ideas to users, they are understandable without any instructions and they work from day one.

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